Is the Breastplate of Righteousness Vest Bulletproof?

NO, the Breastplate of Righteousness Vest is NOT bulletproof. This product should ONLY be used as fashionable wear and NOT armor.

I entered the wrong address, now what?

First, send a message via the CONTACT page to inform us of the issue. From there, we will discuss your options and assist you accordingly. However, keep in mind we can no longer make changes to the order after being processed with the shipping carrier. To prevent such circumstances, please be careful to enter the correct information to ensure a successful purchasing experience.

What is the return policy?

As for now, we are not accepting general returns or exchanges. For damaged products, wrong sizing, or the wrong order, send a message within 2 BUSINESS DAYS of receiving your order via the CONTACT page. Inform us of the issue, and from there, we will discuss your options and assist you accordingly.

Where is my order?

Use the tracking number found in the order confirmation email to track your order. Please keep in mind; once the shipping carrier receives the order, it becomes their responsibility to fulfill the shipment. If your package is lost, stolen, or damaged, be sure to contact the carrier with the details of the complication. For further assistance use the CONTACT page to send us a message, from there we will do our best to assist you.

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